Everyone has a Vice: What’s yours?

Join us this January for Ottawa’s 5th annual charitable campaign. #MyVice2015

Victory Over Vice is a fundraiser right here in Ottawa’s Centretown community which recruits community members to give up an unhealthy vice for the month of January and raise pledges in support. We work hard to promote healthier lifestyles one participant at a time. But it starts with you! Everyone Has a Vice: What's Yours?

Participants often choose to give up a vice such as candy or fast food or commit to a daily exercise, they often also give up procrastination or addictive behaviours such as internet browsing, drinking, smoking or shopping. I Know My Vice: Do You Know Yours? Join us this year! #MyVice2015

Please note that this is a charitable campaign and is not intended to replace addiction-based treatment or related support groups. If you are struggling with addiction, please contact a recognized recovery program such as Vesta for more information.

These steps make it easy to participate!

Here is Victory Over Vice’s steps for success!

  1. Choose your vice

    Choose your vice to quit

  2. Build support

    Build your support network by telling friends and family, colleagues and others to hold yourself accountable

  3. Encourage

    Challenge your friends, family and co-workers to join you! It makes it more fun and increases your chances of being vice-free the whole month and beyond!

  4. Raise pledges

    Garner commitment by raising pledges and submitting online

  5. Join Us

    Join us on January 1 to 31st, at our events, online and through our newsletters and blog!