Frequently Asked Questions

You should bring your money to the closing ceremony after the challenge is over, or anytime you can hand your pledges to your VOV contact. If everything is donated online, simply mail your pledge form to info@victoryovervice.com. If you don't have a VOV contact, please email us at info@victoryovervice.com and we will connect with you.
Losing track of your pledgers can happen. This is a charity fundraiser so giving them a friendly reminder is acceptable but should collecting the money be unfeasible simply cross the party off of your pledge list.
You can submit any previously uncollected pledges at any time after the event is over on our easy to use online payment system. Please ensure to fill in all related information should your donors require a tax receipt. You can always contact: info@victoryovervice.com to meet with one of the VOV's representatives and submit your pledges.
Yes, we will send out tax receipts to any donor whose information is fully and legibly filled in AND who has checked the box requesting the receipt. There is a $20 minimum donation for receipts.
This is a great challenge for anyone interested in kick-starting a healthier lifestyle, giving up a bad habit or looking to give back to the community. Most habit breaking behaviours take more than one try, even if it’s just giving up a simple habit like dessert after dinner. Understanding what triggers your cravings or desire to act in a certain way, is the best way to recognize where risk lies for you, and can be the best way to making an action plan to overcome your vice. Allowing yourself second chances is vital in your mental health and personal well-being, so we encourage you to try again and continue on with giving up your vice for the month. As the popular quote goes, it’s not how many times you fall; it’s how many times you pick yourself up after that matters most.

Additionally, the Victory Over Vice team will be sending out tips and words of encouragement to you during the event to assist you in the challenge.
Yes, we will accept cash and cheque pledges.

Please remind those making online donations to type your name in the "message" section of the online donation form so that we can assign that donation to you as a fundraiser.
We have set a minimum $30 fundraising pledge amount to help us achieve our fundraising goal of $10,000.
If you are reading this it is because you have already shown interest in participating in our event. Thank you so very much! You will be hearing from us after you have registered by email, at the end of December, when you about to start the vice month, two weeks into the month to encourage you and request participation comments and reports on success, and at the end of the month to congratulate you
Vesta Recovery Program for Women’s charitable registration number is 13243 3020 RR0001.
Vesta Recovery Program for Woman Inc.
101 James Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 5M2