Participant Information

These steps make it easy to participate!


Choose your vice to quit

Common vices include eating junk food, partying, shopping, smoking, avoiding exercise

Build your support network by telling friends and family

Breaking a habit is never easy, especially when it is something you have traditionally used as a reward system. By telling friends and family about your commitment to give up something, you are supporting yourself. Encourage those you tell to ask you how you are doing on your challenge, read our blog and newsletters that will provide help and tips to getting through those tricky moments when you want to indulge, and connect with other participants to encourage each other to continue! It only takes 21 days to create a healthy habit!

Encourage friends, family and co-workers to join you

Having friends and family makes the challenge more fun! Plus, a little healthy competition could help you meet your goals! Victory Over Vice is designed for the whole family, so get everyone involved and work together this January!

Garner commitment by raising pledges and submitting online

The typical pledge is $1/day that you are successful in your challenge. If you meet your goal, this would mean your pledges will each be donating $31 to congratulate you and support a local charity! Of course, any donation amount is accepted

Join the action during your challenge: follow our newsletter and join the discussions!

When you register with Victory Over Vice, we will email you to welcome you, encourage you to raise your pledges (over the Christmas season and school break makes fundraising even easier!) and we will be sending you tips and tricks to get through the month! Join our forum to share your own ideas, ask questions or lead a celebratory event during or after the challenge month!

Share your story of success

We love hearing how Victory Over Vice has helped you overcome that vice! We have forums, twitter, Facebook and email and we encourage you to share your story! With your permission, your story may be featured on our website, or even in the local media!

We have some documents that may make participating in Victory Over Vice easy. Below is a pledge form to track your donations and template email to send out to your colleagues, friends and family outlining your participation in this year's Victory Over Vice challenge.


Copy the text from the Participant Email Template and approach your friends, family and colleagues to garner their support for your challenge

Download and print off your Personal Pledge Form to track your raised pledges